Thomas Mangin is a cirque du soleil performer, yogi, life coach, and healer.

He performed for many years with some of the leaders in the entertainment world such as Cirque Du Soleil and Dragone.

His passion for living life at its fullest led him to walk the path of true self mastery, revealing the beauty of the great mystery of life through art and movement, as he evolves and performs around us, learning about how to achieve greater fulfillment and meaning.

He recently certified as a Human Potential Coach from the Bulletproof Training Institute affiliated with the ICF (International Coaching Federation), after spending years performing on world-class stages, and studying healing practices such as yoga, nutrition, authentic relating, meditation, breathwork,  and postural bodywork.  

Thomas is driven by a deep curiosity and aliveness, using his gifts of understanding and sensitivity, listening to his inner wisdom, and accessing a deeper level of inner well-being.

As he continues to learn, he now wishes to help others to do the same: accessing their true potential, and living in alignment with their truest, deepest and highest self.

If you wanna know more about me as a physical artist and performer, here is a video demonstrating my abilities:

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