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Applied True Self Mastery

I wanted to share with you a personal experience of using the “true self-mastery reading” in my life.

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Offerings + Events


In order to be my best-self, I have to make very conscious decisions when buying things, entering places or relating with people with either a full yes or a hell no.

Today I went shopping for a road bike, a beautiful one, better than any that I had in my life.

I jumped on it, I went for a ride, I tested the gears, but from the beginning, it didn’t felt quite right.

I was uneasy and it’s almost like I was forcing something,… I didn’t know what.

I really wanted this bike (or I think I wanted it) and struggled for a half hour and lots of internal conflicts before I had to take a decision.

Until it hit me.

“It is either a 100% yes, or a hell no.”

When I realize that, I suddenly relaxed my shoulders, the chatter in the mind went quiet, I dropped off the bike and suggested it back to the seller.

I had to honestly tell him that, even though the bike was very attractive and at a fair price, I wasn’t sure to about buying it. 

It was a hard decision but I didn’t regret at all.

 30 minutes after, my wife call me and tell me that we she want to Pay closer attention to our expenses, and that she would appreciate it if I don’t buy anything unnecessary.

 This bike was not necessary and I was so relieved that I didn’t jump on the first impulse that I had to get this bike.

Today I learned to listen more closely to my inner wisdom and make better decision.

Thanks god for the true self mastery reading to help me make better decision in life.


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