After 15 years of high level training and national competitions, Thomas reached his highest potential around acrobatic and gymnastic skills.

Thomas started gymnastic in a little city nearby Paris called Noisy-le-Sec, and develop his physical potential during his adolescent years at Aulnay-sous-Bois, a center to raise high level athletes.

The skills develop over the years, combine with extreme discipline allowed to become mutliple times National French Champion, and to later pursue his passion for performing. 


After his athlete career, Thomas decided to train intensively for 2 years in the Aerial Arts with Flo & Gab in France, to pursue his path in the entertainment world.

Thomas learned all about the art of creating an “aw-inspiring” performance on different apparatus like Straps, Rope, Silks, Trampoline, Cyr Wheel and Chinese pole. 


Thomas performed his acts at world-class festival like “Festival du Cirque de Demain” in Paris, France, and “The Eclipse Festival” in Oregon, USA. 

His skills led him to perform acts and inspire the audience watching. Here are the videos of his performances: 


Currenyly performing at the show “O”, The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. 

I perform on the cerceau act involving 3 other male artists, flying through the air, spinning around the water element, inspiring strength and completion.


Thomas also lead powerful circus coaching on Straps, silks and rope.