Human Potential Reflections

Human Potential Reflections

As a high-level gymnast, my whole life has been dedicated to face my fears and to overcome blockages, to always learn more, and grow bigger.

As a result, I became extremely skillful with my body, and like a ninja, I learned how to move gracefully through the air and manipulate the laws of gravity to create impressive performances.

However, getting there required that I face many challenges, and they weren’t always the most pleasant…

I remember the very first time in gymnastics that my coach asked me to do my first “giant” at the high bar.

My entire world stopped the second the words left his mouth. I was terrified.

He, my coach, was impressively very confident; after all the preparation and training we had done, he knew that I was strong enough to take the leap.

He believed in me.

He seemed fearless about the outcome and told me that “I was ready for it, or he wouldn’t ask me to”.

The magic of coaching consists in co-creating an “invisible” ladder for the trainee to climb courageously so that the execution of the new skill feels safe, doable and trustable.

I went for the skill and, as my coach expected, it was a great success.

I didn’t make it all the way, but I felt the way, and that was all I needed, but never knew it.

He did.
I realized too that if I respected the technique, I could actually do it. I was so happy.

I was so fortunate to have had this powerful breakthrough at a very young age because it helped me gain the self-confidence to learn more complicated tricks and to the amazing life I live now.

In fact, I apply this realization into all the areas of my life, and as a performer for one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world – Cirque Du Soleil – I proudly look at my successes and level of fulfillment, and look forward to helping others reach an even higher level of excellence and purpose in their life.

If you wish to overcome blockages in your life, to get the career you desire, the relationships you want, and or live a more passionate life, please reach out to me.

I would love for you to feel the way I do, if that is your desire.

You can find more about me Here

Wishing you infinite joy and happiness.

Thomas Mangin.

“Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay. “ Simone De Beauvoir

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