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Letting go of frustration

Working, relating with other people, playing sports, learning, even “having fun”, often bring up some Frustration;

« feeling of dissatisfaction and unmet needs. » (

Although, to me frustration is more of an immature answer to stress, feeling like an intrusive, dark and obscure energy invading my mind, creating resistance against the natural flow of life.
We all know that frustration leads us to. Isolation, anger, drama, grief, depression are all symptoms of being reactive to frustration. It then become harder and harder to just “feel good”, while layers and layers of negativity, darkness and resentment build up.

Where Frustration comes from actually matters much more than its impact. “Structure governs function” says a wise osteopath principle. If a structure in the body is restricted then it will not be able to function optimally.

When we understand that Frustration is created within the mind, within the mind ONLY, it makes a BIG difference. The mind only “influences” the Brain, It is not REAL. If it is, try to catch your mind !

If the mind create stress and tension. These tensions lead to numb our sensations and emotions. It generate and perpetuates a vicious and negative circle for self-destruction. The “potential” or tension is translated to the body through electric, magnetic, hormonal and chemical signals that we feel as sensations.


Therefore we tend to misperceive frustration as being real. It is NOT.


The mind is not the only one in charge. Actually if you take the time to safely STOP right NOW, Wherever you ARE, at work, in the transportation system, waiting, at the restaurant or about to go to sleep.

I invite you to safely check on your body and to see how it feels right now. Is it relax ? Do you worry ? Do you feel any tensions ? Is there any part of your body unintentionally contracted ?

If it is, I kindly invite you to take a couple breath, maybe smile at yourself for not noticing these evidences, and if it feels appropriate try to relax the area or muscles that are holding on to some stuck energy.

How does it feel ? Is it loosening ? Do you feel any lighter  ? maybe a little more spacious ?

I invite you again to simply notice what is happening and relax as much as it feel appropriate. If you re having a hard time or don’t feel anything, it’s ok. You don’t have to force or struggle with anything. Only you know what is really good for you.

If you do feel Frustration, try the following: “I am frustration, and freedom”.

See how it feels for you and don’t hesitate to play with it.

This way out of frustration has radically change and improve my life for the better.

I use to be very frustrated. Although I would not accept or just recognize it. I had no reason, my life was « perfect ». I’d say to myself; there should be no reason for being Frustrated, I got everything I need, and more. At some point I would find myself being completely miserable. In a foreign country, on vacation, having access to everything I needed, surrounded by lovely people and still not be Happy.

I was frustrated and depressed because of it.

I remember telling myself that NOTHING would bring me out of it.


And then, I took the decision.


Surrounded by a supportive family, friends and environment, I decided that is was finally enough. The suffering was too much. I decided to surrender and to forgive all frustration that I was responsible for. I had to be willing to be open to the most painful thing I could imagine…

I saw myself dying.

I am not a suicidal person and I didn’t need to kill myself to let go. I had to imagine this part of me, my depressive mind, so clearly and understand it so well before I let go fully.

The same mind that would tell me « I don’t like it », « I am not good enough », « This is ain’t gonna work » or « this is bad » and feeling empathy for it.

I cried, I yelled, I tried to punch, and if I didn’t had a powerful guide with me at the moment I could have created a lot of damages around me.

I can tell you, the process does not « feel good » but if feels GREAT.

I experienced such a deep level of peace, calm and relaxation so profound. I felt physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually completely awake and alive.

It is aww-inspiring to me that sincere clarity and empathy could create such relief and deep level of well-being. It helped me feel entirely relax, calm and at peace. Feeling Strong and Grounded.

That day, I made a sacred commitment, in front of God, Nature,The Universe, Grâce or « no-name ». I swore on my life to not let frustration rule my decisions anymore and inspire others to help do the same.
Imagine a life without the tensions, without the stress and heavy energy that your mind create each and every day.

How would you feel ? What would that look like ? What would you do ? What would then be possible ?


I am a Coach, Healer, Circus Artist, Lover and I wanna live Life at its Fullest: Alive and Awake.

It is my passion to share pieces of wisdom with the world, with you. I would be extremely happy to know that this article has made an impact in your Life.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you wanna connect for coaching, healing, circus arts or even just share some kindness and Love. If not, it’s ok too.
I hope this inspire you to live a more Peaceful, Calm and Relax Life, it inspired me.

In other words, I wish you infinite bliss.
Peace and Love,



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